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Journey - Debora Book - Rimpro-Tec CEO Story

Deborah Chester Inventor of RimPro-Tec® Wheelbands™, BringBackBlack® also PPF and Tints® 

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Deborah Chester is the inventor, founder, and CEO of RimPro-Tec® Wheelbands, the award-winning patented wheel protection system.

Born in Nottingham, England, and raised in Mablethorpe Lincolnshire young Deborah had learning challenges with undiagnosed dyslexia,  they were often misinterpreted as daydreaming (she was nicknamed “the dreamer” by some of her family) frustrated, she left school at the age of 15 and started her first business, a series of ‘clothes parties’ for the local ladies.

In August 2003, after a near-fatal horseback riding accident that nearly took Deborah’s life, the Chester family decided to make a change. They packed up all their belongings and moved to the other side of the world to a small town on New Zealand’s North Island.

In 2007, Deborah finally lived up to her childhood nickname the dreamer when an eerily realistic dream warned her of a series of tornados, that Dream ended up coming true, and there home was severely damaged from the tornados in July 2007.

Thanks to the dream, she knew exactly what was about to happen and quickly grabbed her girls Paige and Maddison, aged 8 and 6 at the time and took shelter at the back of the house. The very spot Deborah had been in the dream, she laid her body on top of the girls to protect them from what was about to happen, that very spot we was in, in the dream was the only part of the house not to be damaged!  That day in July 2007 Deborah and her Girls were fearing for their lives and the storms had left the Chester family homeless with nothing but each other, the tornadoes destroying all of their material possessions and forcing them to move in to a spare room with friends while they regrouped.

That was a turning point in Deborah’s personal journey. She learned that she could survive absolutely anything, as long as she had faith, she soon realised that no setback was too dire as long as she had her family around her.

Another dream a few weeks later lead her to do something she would have never imagined doing but knowing full well her tornado dream had come true, she knew that this was an opportunity no to be missed.

This time the dream was about a product that would not only protect wheels from curb damage, but also look stylish whilst doing so.

She also began to pay closer attention to her dreams, listen to her intuition, and watch for the signs that the Universe was sending, knowing that the answer might not always look the way she’d expected.

And this is how RimPro-Tec® wheelbands™ was born and the book the Journey was written.

 A True Rags to Riches story

 Deborah pushed through a decade of 17-hour workdays, intensive research, and designing and bring to market a globally recognised product. In the face of staggering loss, personal and professional betrayal, and a patent process so gruelling and discouraging that many a lesser man would have given up, she persevered. Through it all, her unwavering faith and inner wisdom were the key factors that guided her as she grew her idea into a worldwide brand but she has never forgotten the shock of finding herself broke and homeless at the age of 33 with her family.