The interchangeable Pinstripe insert offers 14 different colors to chose from this allows customers to change the look and style of their wheels with in seconds.
The product is in the great idea problem solving category and a winner of Global Media Awards and Best New Product introduced to the automotive market.

Our Invention

RimPro-Tec is an innovative patented product with patents / trademarks in over 100 countries worldwide.
RimPro-Tec system has been designed to help reduce the unsightly damage to alloy wheels on cars. It puts a two part defensive barrier of tough plastic between your alloy rims and curb hazards.

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Customers buy our product for 5 reasons

  • Functionality: It acts like a “bumper “and reduces curb damage.
  • Financial: it is a cheap “insurance “that saves expensive wheel refurbishment.
  • Discrete: it blends in to match your alloy wheels
  • Stylish: customers can individualize and improve the cars appearance.
  • Easy to install: the installation process only takes 20 minuets for a set to be installed.

 Distributors / Retail

  • Automotive aftermarket and car care industry focus.
  • Have you sold automotive aftermarket and car care products before?
  • We are seeking highly motivated experienced distributors and resellers for our award winning proven Patented products within the after market accessory line.

 Distribution Channel

Customers buy our product for 5 reasons

  • Our Primary target channels are new car dealers
  • Near new, used car dealers
  • Car detailing/Groomers/Car Washers
  • Vehicle protection installers (window tint etc.)
  • Vehicle wrap installers (sign writing)
  • Fleet operations (hire cars etc.)
  • Specialist tyre and wheel dealers
  • Selected independent, specialist auto parts retailers.
  • Selected on line car Accessories and auto parts
  • Insurance companies


We will Partner with you to build and drive your business with

  • An intensive induction course which will add the knowledge that is required for you to hit the ground running.
  • Product and Marketing Support-including point of sale and promotional material, samples
  • Contact and call list for your territory
  • On going management support, videos social media support.

RimPro-Tec Retailers

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