About Us

RimPro-Tec® Group has been working with Innovation and Manufacturing since 2009.

 We offer the best in quality and customer service in all Automotive Protection, Films, Tints, Liquid Protection, and Wheel Protection.

We manufacture only the best unique award-winning products for the OES, OEM market while also shipping directly to the customer and customer supply chain.

We only use the best approved OEM material specifications in all of our manufacturing.

 Wheel protection by RimPro-Tec®wheelbands™, Paint Protection Film and Tints by RimPro-Tec®PPF&Tints®, Liquid Plastic Protection and Restorer by RimPro-Tec®Bring Back Black™.

  We pride ourselves on the best products in the market.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals in R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and marketing.

We’ve all come together as the RimPro-Tec® Group with one single mission – to offer you the best available factory-direct products for our customers.

We offer direct customer service from our family-run business rather than corporation-to-consumer.

 We partner with you to turn your product requirements into reality moving products and distributing World Wide.