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 RimPro-Tec® Wheelbands™

is easy to install wheel styling and protection kit, for each of your car wheel rims.

They can help reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs to your wheels that can come from road hazards and curbs while maneuvering such as parallel parking.

Wheelbands™ puts a Two-Piece Base/Track and Clip In inner/Pinstripe that offers protection and style.

Receiving 5 Global Media Awards

Innovation Awards from Bayer

RimPro-Tec puts a band of tough two-section attractively designed plastic between your wheel rims and road hazards. It helps avoid costly reconditioning of your wheels especially important if you have expensive rims or if want to change the appearance of your wheels.

RimPro-Tec Pinstripe Inserts with minor scratches and scuffs can be swapped out in seconds, flipped over, and reinserted to obtain a fresh surface. More seriously damaged inserts can be swapped out with a variety of color inserts sold separately.


  • Material which helps to reduce the cost of the wheels.
  • Double-sided adhesive, durable, clip together the base and insert pinstripe.
  • Give’s Protection and an expensive look to your car wheels.
  • It is very easy to install only takes 20 minutes for a full set.
  • It is a great defense solution to protect your rims against curb rash.

Unique cut to fit the unique tape-on mounting track and snap-in color fit all wheels from 12″ to 22″ that have  (5 mm) wide flat outer edge on the face of the wheel.


5 MPH Parking and Manoeuvring Bumper for wheels Rims Helps Avoid Unsightly Curb Rash

  • Toughed ASA material absorbs damage of curb impacts
  • Splice in or tape on new product for quick cost effective repair of curb rash
  • Can be used to cover over existing light curb rash

 Pin-striping for Wheels

  • Available in a variety of colors to custom / personalize your vehicle
  • Match or compliment your body paint, vehicle graphics or caliper color
  • Color inserts can be swapped out in seconds to modify styling

 Patented Interlocking Design / Universal Fit

  • Unique cut to fit tape-on mounting track and snap-in color insert fits all wheels from 12” to 22” that have a 1/4” (5 mm) wide flat outer edge on face of wheel
  • Drive away at highway speeds immediately after installation

 Factory Finish Quality / Made in the NZ & USA

  • Produced in automotive parts factory certified to ISO TS16949 Quality Systems Standard — highest standard in international automotive manufacturing industry
  • Precision manufacturing creates final fit and finish on wheels most often described as, "They look like they came from the factory that way