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This last year has been a tough year for everybody and now that things are starting to look better in terms of the vaccination roll out people will be wanting to drive to different places in their cars when they are able to. Whether its to pop to the shops, go out for a meal or to travel somewhere else in the UK for a staycation when we are permitted to do so, there are many reasons why people need their cars. Cars are expensive to run as it is with insurance, repairs, tax, MOT and fuel so I have put together a few tips of money saving driving techniques so you can save money when it comes to running your car when we are able to get back out and about.

The first money saving driving tip is to check your tyre pressure. You need to ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as stated in the car’s handbook. Under inflated tyres cause drag and can have a big impact on the fuel your car consumes leading you to have to fork out more money for more fuel. A tyre that doesn’t have the right pressure is also more likely to wear quicker or unevenly so can lead to you having to pay more money out for new tyres more often.

My second money saving driving tip is to drive as smoothly as possible. You want to try and avoid harsh braking and accelerating if you can. You also want to ease off the gas where possible to lower fuel consumption. If you are driving a manual you will want to use the highest gear available without labouring the engine. Some newer manuals have a gear shift indicator to inform you of the best time to change your gears. Skipping gears if it is safe to do so can also aid in reducing fuel consumption. For example skipping from 1st to 3rd.

My next money saving driving tip is to plan your journey ahead of time. You want to make sure you are taking the quickest route to avoid fuel consumption. You also might want to check your route before you leave so you can see how the traffic is as you want to avoid traffic if you can so you don’t have to be unnecessarily braking and accelerating while driving. It might be best to invest in a Sat Nav so it can take you on the quickest route. Some Sat Navs can even take you on the most economical route so you can avoid big hills etc so it will save you fuel.

Another tip for saving money while on the road is to reduce the drag. To do this you might want to take off roof racks and cycle carriers when they aren’t in use as this will reduce the drag and lead to less fuel consumption. The same applies to bent body work or ill fitting trim. Drag can also be caused by opening your windows so when driving at higher speeds it is recommended to use your air conditioning instead. An additional tip to save on fuel consumption is to not have unnecessary weight in your car so it is wise to clear out your car and only keep essentials in there so you aren’t adding extra weight.

One of the most important money saving driving tips is to maintain your car. You want to ensure the car attends its regular services etc so you can keep on top of any small issues that might arise with your car. If you keep up with the service’s you are reducing the potential for larger bills further down the line with bigger issues. Another pro to having regular services is that they will change your filters and give you clean oil which can lead to better fuel efficiency. You also want to keep your car clean and well looked after to try and avoid costly repairs.

I hope I have provided you with some useful money saving driving tips and hopefully you can try some of them out when you are next out in your car. If you want to avoid costly alloy wheel repairs why not try out our RimPro-Tec Wheelbands to save you curbing your wheels while parking and manoeuvring. You can look at our products via the link down below.



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