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We are now in the midst of the time of year where we are having lots of rain, snow and very cold weather conditions. These Winter months can take a toll on our vehicles. Not only do temperatures get a lot colder, you are also facing other possible weather conditions like heavy rain and snow. Just like you have to prepare yourself for winter, you should take some certain steps to ensure your car is ready for these cooler months.


One of the first things you should check is your tires. You want to ensure that your tires are inflated correctly. It is wise checking your tires at least monthly as the cold weather can cause the tires pressure to drop. It is very important to have the correct tire pressure in your tires as if they are underinflated or overinflated it can affect their performance and cause your tires to wear quicker. It is also important to check your tires tread to ensure it is at suitable levels to avoid sliding on wet or icy surfaces. If you live in a place where temperatures are known to get very cold then it is wise to invest in some winter tires for your safety. They have superior traction compared to normal tires and are able to handle snowy and icy roads.


Next on our list to get your car ready for winter is to have your battery tested. Batteries capacity can decrease significantly during the colder months due to added strain on the battery. You need to ensure the battery is working properly as the battery will incur more work while working things like the wipers and lights more often during the winter months. There are simple checks you can do at home to see how your battery is working or for a more thorough check you can take your car to the garage to ensure your battery is winter ready.


The next thing you should check on your car while getting it winter ready is your oil levels. Things like your coolant and screen wash should definitely be checked before heading into the colder months. Keeping your oil levels at the correct level is important all year round but when preparing your car for winter it gives you a perfect opportunity to ensure they are all at the right levels and the right consistency. Some of the oils can thicken during the colder months and slow the flow of the oil so it is important to check/change.


Another thing you should do to prep your car for winter is to give the car a good clean. Ensure that when you are cleaning the car you pay particular attention to your lights to ensure other drivers can see your lights in difficult weather conditions on the road. While cleaning your car you should also check your window wipers to ensure they are working correctly. You will need your window wipers in the winter months when it is raining or snowing.


Once you have got your car all winter ready I recommend having an emergency kit in the boot or back of your car just in case you break down or need access to some essentials. Some things that are helpful to have in your emergency kit would be a portable phone charger or car phone charger, a blanket, a torch, batteries for the torch, a first aid kit, some snacks, water, notepad and pen, booster cables, simple tool kit, warm clothes hats and gloves, ice scraper and de ice spray, shovel, empty fuel can and even some sunglasses in case the winter sun makes for poor visibility. All of the above items are useful to have in your car should you need them.


These are a few of our tips to get your car winter ready but don’t forget to ensure you and your car  are fully prepared for the tougher weather conditions winter brings. If you are also wanting to prevent curb damage to your wheels, check out our website to see our RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands products.



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