Best Small New Cars

A lot of drivers on the road have their own personal preference for whether they prefer to drive small cars or larger cars like your 4x4’s. There are different positives for having a smaller car and different positives to having a larger car. Some of the positives for small cars is that they are easier to drive in busy cities, easier to park and usually smaller cars come with less costs. In this blog I am going to talk about 6 different small cars from different brands and their perks and prices.

The first car on my list is the Audi A1. They are a very stylish car and perfect for a first car or someone who prefers to drive in a smaller car. They are still quite spacious for a small car as well. For a brand new Audi A1 on the Audi website the price starts at £18,435 but that is without added extras. You can get second hand and older Audi A1’s for a fraction of the cost. There are various different versions of the Audi A1 so if you prefer a more sporty look and more sporty performance you can opt for a different version of the A1 but the price does then go up.

The second car on my list is the VW Polo. This car is a go to for people who prefer smaller cars. The VW Polo is the winner of small car of the year 2020. The Polo is the perfect city car with it being sleek, small and economical. Prices for a brand new Volkswagen Polo on the VW site starts from £15,390 without the added features but again you can get older VW Polo’s for a cheaper price.

Another car that has a great reputation and is another very popular choice is the Mini 3 door hatch. This is another great car for anyone who likes a small car. There is the option to get a 5 door Mini hatch for a bigger price tag but is a great option for someone who likes just a little bit of extra room. The starting price for a brand new Mini 3 door hatch without the extras is £16,195 whilst the starting price for the 5 door hatch is £16,895.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money the Mercedes-Benz A class Hatchback is a fabulous car. The look and performance of the car is very desirable and has a very sporty look to it. The starting price for a Mercedes A class without the extras on the road is £23,710. There is also the option to get a quicker Mercedes A Class Hatchback but the price goes up again. If you want a Mercedes A Class Hatchback but don’t want to pay the price of a new A class you can purchase second hand A classes for a cheaper price.

The last car on my list is the Ford Fiesta. This car is becoming more popular, especially for young drivers who have just passed their tests. It is a perfect first car. The starting price for a brand new Ford Fiesta is £16,115. There are other editions of the Ford Fiestas however with different extras that are more expensive.

All in all there are many different small cars available on the market and there are many perks to owning a smaller car. Remember if you don’t want to pay the brand new car prices to look at second hand cars because you can get a lot of car for your money that way. If you do purchase a new car don’t forget to protect your wheels from curb damage with RimPro-Tec WheelBands.